Standard Terms & Conditions of Rental Agreement

1. Rental Agreement

A rental agreement will be required to be signed on collection of the vehicle. By signing the rental agreement, the hirer acknowledges that he has read and understands these terms and conditions. Vista Motorhomes CC incorporating Helderberg Camper Hire (herein after referred to as Helderberg Camper Hire or HCH) offers limited or unlimited kilometre rental plans. The selected rental plan cannot be changed after collection of the vehicle (e.g. at the end of the rental). The rental period includes the pick-up and drop-off days. Extra kilometres on a limited kilometre plan are charged at the applicable rate. Rates are as per the rate chart published on our website at the time of booking.

The minimum hire period is 7 days except for:

  • Peak season including all school holidays, a minimum of 10 days.
  • Namibia and/or Botswana: 15 days
  • Pick up drop off Johannesburg airport minimum rental period 15 days, additional charges may apply.
  • Pick up drop off neighbouring countries minimum rental period 15 days, additional charges may apply.

Unlimited Kilometers Policy:

  • Only available for rentals of 14 days and more
  • Additional cost of R4 per kilometer will apply after 6000 kilometres


2. Vehicle pick-up & return

Our office hours are 09h00 to 16h00 Monday to Friday. After hours pick-up or returns can be arranged. Please arrange a specific time when booking. A surcharge will be levied for pick-ups and drop-offs after normal office hours, over weekends, on public holidays. For pick-up/drop-off at any point other than our depots, a fee at the ruling rate is payable.

One way rentals are available under the following conditions:

  • Drop-off within South Africa at any point other than the collection point:  A fee at the ruling rate is payable: R1500.
  • Please note; there is an additional fee of R 500 for patrons using the pick up or drop off service between 23rd December – 3rd of January 2018, and/or any periods of usiual business closure including weekends and public holidays
  • Only on 15 days and longer booking do we allow over border.
  • Any change in the designated drop-off point must first be timeously approved by Helderberg Camper Hire. The one way drop-off fee is not refundable after commencement of the hire.
  • Pick-up and drop-off at locations other than our standard depots is solely at the discretion of Helderberg Camper Hire.
  • Pick-up and drop-off only on specific days from 15 December 2017 to 5 January 2018 or as arranged with Helderbergcamperhire management.

Open days: December 2017: 15; 19; 20-22; 27-28 | January 2018: from 3 January onwards

3. Payments

Unlimited km:Only on 14 days and longer with a ceiling of 6000 km thereafter R4 p/km.

Electronic transfers directly into our bank account (reflected at least 30 days before collection) or authorised credit/debit card debits 30 days before collection of the vehicle, are the required payment methods. A deposit is required for confirmation of reservation, the balance being due before collection. All financial transactions are calculated and conducted in ZAR (unless otherwise agreed) and fluctuations in exchange rates can cause variations before or during the hire period. Helderberg Camper Hire accepts no responsibility for these variances.  No refund of the rental fee will be made if the vehicle is returned for any reason prior to the end of the rental period. If, for any reason beyond our control, the reserved vehicle is not available, we reserve the right to substitute a comparable or superior vehicle at no extra cost to the hirer.  This shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the hirer to any form of refund.

A credit card holding deposit will be taken by HCH on collection of the vehicle and returned after inspection of the vehicle, after deductions for breakages and/or damage as per the level of excess waiver agreed to. HCH reserves the right to use credit card details, after informing the card holder thereof, to charge the hirer after completion of the rental for any traffic fines and /or any incidental or accident damage which HCH was not aware of on return of the vehicle. A cleaning fee of R450.00 will be charged if the toilet bowl has not been emptied or the vehicle is returned in an excessively dirty condition.

Security Deposits:

  • Vista 4 and Vista 6: R20 000.00
  • Vista 3: R15 000.00

4. Cancellation Fees

Saturday and Sunday or any public holiday or after hours fee for pick up or drop off: R500

Speed limit to drive with our vehicles: gravel roads max 40km/h - drive slowly and carefully

Tar roads max 100 km/h.

30 days and shorter no refund of any monies. We can try and move the booking to a later stage if possible at all (Not compelled to do so). Six weeks prior to pickup all funds to be paid in full.

You are required to book well in advance especially December and June/July/Aug

No refund will be given if vehicle is returned early, for whatever reason, after commencement of rental.

5. Driver's Licence:

An international driving licence or a valid South African driver’s licence, is required for all drivers.  Drivers’ age limits are 23-75 and no leaner drivers allowed.  If licence is under 2 years old a 5% surcharge will apply in the event of a claim.  Copies of all drivers’ licenses are to be submitted to Helderberg Camper Hire by fax or email on confirmation of the hire. All drivers must sign the Rental Agreement.

6. Fridge & Stove Operation

Fridges and stoves are tested before rental and are handed over in working condition. Helderberg Camper Hire cannot he held responsible for their possible failure.  Please remember this is not a normal domestic fridge and may not be as effective in very hot conditions.  For proper operation of the fridge, especially vehicles with convection units, the vehicle must preferably be parked level.

7. General Repairs

Vehicles are covered by AA Fleetcare from the Automobile Association of SA (see AA instructions in vehicle).

While every vehicle is thoroughly serviced and checked, breakdowns can occur unexpectedly. The hirer is authorised to have repairs carried out to a limit of RIOOO per instance. Please settle directly with the supplier. Refunds will only be made if invoices are produced and if repairs are not as a result of driver or hirer negligence.  Any problems with the vehicle or equipment must be reported to Helderberg Camper Hire as soon as possible.  Larger repairs will be arranged, at the discretion of HCH, upon the hirer reporting the problem to HCH.  HCH will not be responsible for accommodation costs due to immobilization during repairs or accident damage repairs but will, at their discretion, refund the daily hire rental rate for the days lost. HCH should be allowed up to 24 hours to solve any problem before compensation for lost time will be made. (See also clause 13 Immobilization).

8. Vehicle Maintenance

Take note at all times of all gauges while driving.  The hirer is responsible for the vehicle for the full period of the hire and must maintain the vehicle during this period.

Hirers are required to make periodic checks (at least every 1000 km) of:

  • Oil and Water levels - must be maintained within limits (preferably check when vehicle is cold, or when petrol /diesel is filled up)
  • Tyre Pressures – must be maintained within limits specified in the owner’s manual.
  • NB: Turbo Diesel engines must idle for not less than 60 seconds after starting and 60 seconds before switching off.
  • Engine Damage:   Should the vehicle be driven with the engine in an overheated condition or low on oil and the engine be damaged as a result thereof, the hirer will be held responsible for the total costs of repairs.
  • Clutch: The hirer will be held responsible for damage to the clutch due to improper use.
  • Diesel Fuel – Super Diesel i.e. 50 PPI fuel is to be used where ever available.
  • Diesel engines may need to have the oil changed during a hire period.  Should you exceed the required service interval distance on your travels, please have a service station / garage change the oil (only Superior Synthetic 15W50 oil, or equivalent, is to be used) and oil filter (may be provided in rear locker as not always available in small towns) and pay for the oil and service.  Helderberg Camper Hire will refund the costs to you on return of the vehicle.

9. Immobilization

Helderberg Camper Hire will, at their discretion, be responsible for accommodation costs due to immobilization during minor repairs and/or minor accident repairs if not caused by the fault of the driver or hirer or will, if deemed necessary by HCH, refund the daily hire rental rate for the days lost. The hire acknowledges that it may not always be possible to attend to repairs over weekends and in remote locations.

10. Tyre Damage

Please check tyre pressures regularly

HCH is not responsible for any punctures or damage to tyres (such as blow outs etc.) during the hire period and repair costs are for the hirers account.  If the driver wishes to be reimbursed for new tyres, the damaged tyre must be returned to us for inspection and evaluation by the tyre manufacturer.   Tyre replacement costs will only be reimbursed if the manufacturer accepts a warranty claim on the faulty tyre.  When replacing a tyre, please ensure that it is of the same size and ply rating, is Commercial weight, i.e. “C” rated and, if possible, of the same brand. NO retread or reconditioned tyre is acceptable and total insurance cover will become the responsibility of the hirer should the incorrect type of tyre be fitted.

11. Road & area restrictions and speeds

See CLAUSE 12 below

Motorhomes are large and heavy vehicles and are affected by speed, road conditions and wind. Crosswinds and buffeting caused by passing large trucks etc can be dangerous, especially at high speeds. The hirer acknowledges that he /she is aware of the care and attention required when driving a motorhome /camper and of all safety and maintenance requirements of the vehicle. Safe speeds are 80 to 90 km per hour, but must be adjusted to suit road and wind conditions. At no time may a speed of 100 km per hour be exceeded.

Two-wheel drive vehicles can only be driven on tar/bitumen (paved) roads - with the exception of recognised hard roads and in game parks where the maximum speed limit of 5O kph must not be exceeded.  Any damage caused to the vehicle resulting from travel on unauthorized, unpaved roads will be for the account of the hirer.  HCH reserves the right at its sole discretion to restrict vehicle movement in certain areas at any time due to adverse road or weather conditions, or for any reasonable cause.

NB:   Campers are not allowed to travel in the Kalahari Park (Kgalagadi Park), Okavango Delta & on all gravel road passes including Swartberg,Sani, Bloukrans, Baviaanskloof & Marakele passes. Travel is prohibited on all "D" roads in Namibia, Sossusvlei to Walvis Bay, Fish River Canyon, van Zyl's Pass, Skeleton Coast, Kaokoland, Brandberg and Sandwich Harbour. Travel is not permitted in Zimbabwe (other than Vic Falls), Zambia (other than Livingstone), Malawi, Angola or Mozambique without prior permission from HCH.    NO off-road driving whatsoever is permitted with 2 wheel drive vehicles. Please confirm with HCH before your trip on what roads &/or areas are restricted.

12. Insurance Options (See also Clause 13)

Zero Excess:

  • R350 per day if hire period is 28 days or less
  • R200 per day if hire period is longer than  28 days

With Excess:

  • R300 per day with R6000 excess
  • R200 per day with R19000 excess

Insurance will cover the hirer for the following:

  • Accidents
  • Collisions
  • Hijacking
  • Theft
  • Water damage
  • Fire damage

Incidents involving accidents, collisions or crimes must be reported to police within 24 hours.

  • A case number must obtained from the police
  • A drivers license or a certified copy thereof, as well as valid identification (passport or ID book) must be submitted prior to departing the depot - this is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Failure on the part of the customer to produce a drivers licence or certified copy and valid identification thereof will result in a failure of pay out on the insurance claim. In such cases the customer will be held responsible for the full outstanding amount pertaining to the damage or loss to the vehicle.
  • The customer is not covered for damages or loss to vehicles resulting from their own negligence.
  • It is therefore advisable that the customer has personal insurance to cover costs resulting from negligence.

The hirer shall be responsible for the full amount of damage or replacement costs if:

  • Vehicle is abused in any way, such as incorrect use of the clutch, brakes or gearbox
  • The driver is found to have been reckless, negligent or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • The hirer permits unlisted, underage or unlicensed driving of the vehicle
  • Under-body or overhead damage is caused by water or seawater immersion, sitting on roof or bonnet
  • The vehicle is taken into unauthorized areas or onto restricted roads
  • Theft occurs as a result of keys being left  in the vehicle
  • Rental agreement is violated or details are found to have been misrepresented
  • Any damage is deemed to have been caused wilfully by hirer or a person/s in his party
  • Scratches caused by driving too close to branches


Note 1:  Insurance co-payment options do not cover “Off-Road” damage or overhead and/or under-body and/or water damage or any damage sustained due to negligence of the hirer or his/her designated driver in a collision with a fixed stationary object or tyre damage.   Hirer will therefore be responsible if this type of damage is found on return of the vehicle.

Note 2:  CO-PAYMENTS – The co-payments (where applicable) can be paid in cash, traveller’s cheques or credit card (a manual imprint of the credit card will be taken prior to commencement of the hire). Please be aware that not all vehicles on the roads in Southern Africa are insured and that it is not compulsory to be insured against damage to 3rd party property. It is therefore often very difficult to recover money from the drivers of other vehicles whether they are the guilty party or not.  The co-payment, as and when applicable, is payable, regardless of who is at fault, unless recovered by our insurers.  The co-payment amount as per the option taken by the hirer, is payable immediately upon return of the vehicle to Helderberg Camper Hire or, at Helderberg Camper Hire’s sole discretion, on demand from the hirer after an assessment has been done by the necessary repairers and a quotation obtained.  If payment is to be delayed, the necessary authorization form is to be signed by the hirer on return of the vehicle.    Any adjustment by our insurers will be returned to the hirer at the earliest convenience of Helderberg Camper Hire.

Note 3: Holding deposit – Holding deposit required for the excess selected with a minimum of R10,000

Note 4:  DRIVING:  Campers / Motorhomes are built on a commercial vehicle chassis and must be driven as such.

Most accidents occur as a result of:

  • Driving too fast
  • Driving when tired
  • Driving at night.

Please consider the weather conditions and the condition and width of the roads you drive on. Animals and pedestrians crossing roads in Africa are a serious hazard, especially after dark.


1. Should the client exceed the following speed limits: 40km/h on only very good non tar roads and 100km/h on tarred roads they will be held fully responsible for any damages to the vehicle during their rental period. This constitutes a breach of agreement. Hirers who fail to comply with this restriction may be held liable for repairs at their own cost.

Hirers who fail to comply with this restriction will have to do any repairs on their own and if they are unable to have any further use as the vehicle is not mobile or useable we will not be held liable for any refunds due to them not being able to continue their trip. Hirers are responsible to notify us of any damages with immediate effect in this situation and circumstance.

2. No off-road or driving on poor gravel roads is allowed. You are to drive only on recommended main gravel roads where no 4x4 driving is required.

3. You are to supply us of an itinerary of the campsites and areas you are planning to visit and roads you intend to travel on.

4. Under no circumstances are you to not inform us of any damages caused to the vehicle on the undercarriage of the vehicle or the roof of the vehicle.It must be reported with immediate effect. If not and discovered later you will be liable for all costs and will not have the right to claim against the insurance at all. Only reported incidents(collisions) to us and the nearest police station- potholes/trees etc can possibly be covered if reported immediately.]

5. If no problem is reported to Helderbercamperhire management regarding the mechanical and overall functionality/performance of the motorhome/campervan within 3 days of the rental booking of said vehicle ,no refund/compensation will be paid to the client in case of any mechanical or operational problems detected after the 3 day period.

13. Accidents & Incidental Damage

In the event of an accident the following conditions apply:

  • Hirer is entirely responsible for all costs of repairs and/or replacement as per the co-payment option chosen.
  • Hirer is responsible for the return of the damaged vehicle to the original collection depot.
  • If hirer requires a replacement vehicle to be delivered, a drop-off charge will be levied.
  • No refund for rental days lost will be allowed for the period during which the vehicle is being replaced.

If hirer is unwilling or unable to accept, or Helderberg Camper Hire is unwilling or unable to provide, a replacement vehicle, no refund for early termination of the contract will apply.

All accidents, no matter how minor, must be reported to the nearest police station within 24 hours and police case reference numbers communicated immediately to Helderberg Camper Hire. Hirers may be required to complete a detailed insurance claim form at the end of the hire period.  In the event of an accident the hirer is still entirely responsible for the full rental fee together with the payment of the relevant vehicle co-payment. Failure to report an accident to the nearest police station may result in the claim not being accepted by the insurers and the hirer being responsible for all own vehicle and third party damage

If the vehicle is involved in an accident a replacement vehicle, if available, will be arranged at the sole discretion of Helderberg Camper Hire. Insurance does not cover damage to the interior of the vehicle or loss or breakage of equipment unless as a result of an accident.  All equipment and accessories supplied shall be returned (fair wear and tear excluded) upon completion of the hire.

Damage, as a result of negligence, to the suspension or any undercarriage fittings and / or exhaust system, other than fair wear and tear, will also be for the hirers account.

Damage to the vehicle not as a result of a reportable and reported accident and covered under the insurance policy remains the responsibility  hirer. The hirer will be responsible for all damages to' or loss of, equipment in or affixed to the vehicle. Scratches to the bodywork as a result of overhanging branches or narrow entrances are the responsibility of the hirer and are not covered by insurance.

Roof vents of the campers are handed over in good working order. Please be aware of these when driving or parking under restricted overhead clearance. If damaged in any way, the replacement costs are R 6500 per vent and/or R28000 for a roof-top air conditioner, and will be for the hirer's account as they are not covered by insurance.  When reversing the camper, it is essential to have a person outside directing the driver.

Water leakage in heavy rain is an unavoidable problem in campers. We reserve the right to charge the hirer for any incidental damage found on the vehicle and not notified to us on return of the vehicle.

14. Neighbouring Countries

If you wish to visit neighbouring countries agreed to by Helderberg Camper Hire, please advise us when booking as surcharges apply and additional insurance cover as well as travel documents for the vehicle, have to be arranged.

15. Valuables.

Please do not leave valuables in the vehicle, especially where visible from outside.  In the cities, it is advisable to leave the vehicle in a caravan park and take a taxi/public transport to the inner city.  Hirers are to secure the vehicle at all times.  Wild animals (e.g. baboons) will enter through windows or doors left open, looking for food.

16.  Personal property Insurance for all persons accompanying the hirer is the responsibility of the hirer.

17.  Personal injury to the hirer or anyone accompanying the hirer or anyone travelling in the vehicle who is deemed by their presence in the vehicle to have the permission of the hirer is not covered by the vehicle insurance and we strongly recommend that you take out Personal Travel Insurance.  The hirer shall have no claim of any nature against Helderberg Camper Hire, it’s members or the owner of the vehicle, for any injury, loss or damage suffered or sustained by the hirer, or anyone accompanying the hirer, arising from any cause, including, without limitations, the use of the camper and provisions thereof.

18.  Operation of all equipment within the vehicle is demonstrated to the hirer and is in working condition at the commencement of the rental.   Helderberg Camper Hire accepts no responsibility for any malfunctioning of this equipment during the rental period.  Gas bottles are to be filled if necessary and may not be exchanged.

19.  Traffic fines are the hirer’s responsibility.   We reserve the right to charge the hirer after completion of their hire for any fines received later plus an admin fee of R250.  Automatic toll gate fees will be charged to the hirer when received.   All fines and fees can sometimes be received only months after the hire and hirer will then be informed of costs and HCH reserves the right to debit these to the hirer.

20. Toilet.  A fee of R450 will be charged if the chemical toilet has not been emptied or if the camper is returned in an excessively dirty condition.

21.  The rental conditions are constructed and governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

22.  Vista Motorhomes CC incorporating Helderberg Camper Hire and/or its members &/or the vehicle owner is indemnified by the hirer against all claims that may arise from the vehicle hire contract or use of the camper, its equipment or fittings.  Helderberg Camper Hire shall not be liable for any damage, injury or loss whatsoever suffered by the hirer, his/her dependants or any occupants arising from this agreement or from use of the camper, its equipment or fittings.